The Most Serene Dom Filipe (Dom Filipe Alberto Folque de Bragança e Bourbon de Mendóça, who also uses Dom Filipe Folque de Mendóça and the title of Count of Rio Grande), is the third son of The Most Serene Dom Alberto (1923-2003), , 5th Duke and 6th Marquis of Loulé, 13th Earl of Vale de Reis, etc., Head of the Constitutional Dynastic Branch of the Royal House of Portugal, as Heir and Representative of Dynastic Rights who fell on His August Mother, the Most Serene Dona Constança (1889-1965), through Her Great-Grandmother H.R.H. Princess Dona Ana de Jesus Maria de Bragança e Bourbon, Infanta de Portugal (daughter of King Dom João VI and Queen Dona Carlota Joaquina de Bourbon), from the death of the King D. Manuel II (occurred on July 2, 1932). The Most Serene Dom Alberto married to Dona Maria Augusta Amelia de Moraes Cardoso de Menezes (from the Counts of Margaride and the Viscounts of Moraes) (n. 1932), in 1953.

The Dukes of Loulé, 1953

Thus, the Most Serene Dom Filipe, by the line of his Father’s Representation, through His Grandfather the King Dom João VI, descends by legitimate line from most of the Kings of Portugal -dinasty of Bragança, Austria, Avis and Burgundy ( the latter, by illegitimate line through El-King D. João I, but also, by legitimate line through the daughter of the Spanish Catholic Kings – Queen D. Maria of Aragon and Castile, married to the King D. Manuel I), until the King D. Afonso Henriques, first King of Portugal (1139), Founder of Nationality. It should also be noted that, by this line, of the King Dom João VI, as well as the line of Queen Dona Carlota Joaquina, his wife, Dom Filipe descends by legitimate line from the most of the Royal Houses of Europe (of catholic religion).

Still by the paternal part, the Most Serene Dom Filipe, besides descending from the lineages of the former Nobility and Aristocracy of Portugal, represented by the Dukes of Loule (Mendóças, Rolins (Azambujas), Mouras and Barretos), he also descends from several houses of the High Portuguese Nobility, namely: Counts of Belmonte, Counts of Ribeira Grande (Representatives of João Gonçalves Zarco – navigator, discoverer of Madeira Island), Marquis of Belas, Counts of Arches, Marquis of Marialva, Counts of Monsanto , Marquis of Angeja, Dukes of Cadaval, Counts of Obidos, Marquis of Arronches, Counts of Tarouca, Counts of Vidigueira (Representatives of D. Vasco da Gama – Discoverer of the Maritime Way to India), Counts of Vila Nova de Portimão, etc.

By His Mother, Dona Maria Augusta Amélia de Morais Cardoso de Menezes, namely through his Paternal Grandparents, namelly Dona Margarida de Mello Breyner (Sobral), descends by illegitimate line of Kings D. Afonso III (Sousas), D. Fernando I (Noronhas) and D. João II (Lencastres), as indeed the majority of the Portuguese High Nobility descend; and Dona Ana Júlia Cardoso de Menezes (1st Countess of Margaride), descends from King D. Pedro I and Dona Inés de Castro (Eças). However, it should be noted that, through the Counts of Sobral, he descended from Count Louis de Narbonne-Lara (illegitimate son of King Louis XV of France), thus also being related to many Royal Houses of Europe.

Still on the maternal side, the Most Serene Dom Filipe, descends from several Houses of the Portuguese High Nobility (some also ascendants and blood relatives of His August Father), namely: Counts of Sobral, Counts of Lapa, Marquis de Borba, Counts of Ficalho , Marquis of Lavradio, Counts of Tarouca, Marquis of Ponte de Lima (Representatives of Pedro Álvares Cabral – Discoverer of Brazil), Marquis of Alegrete, Dukes of Cadaval, Counts of Sabugal, Marquis of Marialva, Counts of Ribeira Grande, Counts of Vidigueira , Counts of Arcos, etc.

Thus, the Most Serene Dukes of Loulé – Dom Alberto and Dona Augusta, are blood relatives of the High Nobility of Portugal and, as such, are descendants of the Kings of Portugal of the 1st and 2nd. Dynasties. However, it is important to highlight the relatively close common blood relation, through King Louis XV of France, with several Royal and Sovereign Houses of Europe, such as: House of Austria (Kings of Spain and Portugal, Emperors of Austria); Bourbon House (Kings of France, Kings of Spain and Naples); Stuart House (Kings of England and Scotland); House of Savoy (Kings of Sardinia, Dukes of Savoy); Wittelsbach House (Dukes of Bavaria,Elector Princes of the Holy Empire), etc.

See below the consanguineous relationship of the Most Serene Dukes of Loulé through King Louis XV of France